Tarot Poem: Waka (和歌)

May… porcelain buds in bloom even under scrutiny – flowering worries do not sink the whale buoyed by the sea, Friendly hands Lift up – spirits, possessions and hearts ~~ Oracle Deck: Tea Leaf Fortune Cards Copyright: © Curandera Kraft 2018

Winter Solstice Spread

Tarot Spread: Winter Solstice Tarot Deck: Crow Tarot Oracle Deck: Astrological Oracle Cards

Holiday Spread

Tarot Spread: Holiday Spread Tarot Deck: Tarot Wave Oracle Deck: Oracle of Mystical Moments

Tarot Poem: Waka (和歌)

Fear, a dagger pricks – worry, when the body needs a cane stress, when the hand pinches coin Wealth is – an ant at work, a dolphin at play, Spring, the artist, in May ~~ Deck: Tea Leaf Fortune Cards Copyright: © Curandera Kraft 2018

Tarot Journal: Page/Daughter of Wands

Waite-Smith Deck Interpretation: The page of wands/staves is a young wealthy figure, dressed in finery. The clothes are a new complete luxurious suit with matching accessories (boots, hat, cloak etc) The page holds a fresh leafy wand upright as though using it as a walking stick and to gauge/ measure the direction/distance to go. The…

Tarot Poem: Waka (和歌)

October winds succeed, rattling chimes A gavel – knocks bamboo striking a fountain What mysteries arrive with carriage wheels – A cunning fox or two-faced cat? ~~~ Deck: Tea Leaf Fortune Cards Copyright: © Curandera Kraft 2018

Tarot Challenge: Month of Spreads 2

Day 21: Goal Analysis 1. What do I need to be aware of before pursuing this goal? 2. What talents or skills do I possess that can aid me in achieving this goal? 3. What part of myself may hold me back from achieving this goal? 4. What outside forces or obstacles will try to…

Tarot Challenge: Months of Speads 2

Day One: The Inner Self Spread What does my inner self want me to know at this present moment? Is there any advice or sign that I’ve been previously given that has gone unnoticed that needs my attention? How can I become more receptive to listening to my inner self from this moment forward? ~~~~…