Eclipse Season Tarot Spread

~~~~~~ 1- High Priestess 2- Page of Fire/9 of Fire 3- 10 of Air 4- Hanged Man 5- Knight of Water ~~~~~~ Spread @newagehipster333 Deck: @vibratarot

Situation Tarot Spread

~~~ 1. What is the current situation? 2. What do we need to know about it? 3. How should we prepare? 4. What do we need to learn? 5. How to get a positive result? Message from allies Message from ancestors ~~~~~~ Deck: Jade Oracle Deck: Healing Her story

‍Tarot Spread: Business Planning

~~~ What is my purpose or ‘calling’? How can I bring my ‘calling’ into my business? How can I get the greatest fulfilment from my business?4) How can I offer authentic value to my customers? What products and services could I offer? Where do I need to focus my business in the next 1-2 months?…

When you legit feel the love from your ally crew

~~~  How can I strengthen my intuition? What influences are helpful? What influences are hindrances? What can I learn now? How can I use my intuition? W: Words from your allies. Spread: The Voice of Your Intuition Oracle Deck: Angels and Ancestors @kylegrayuk Oracle Deck: Messages from your Animal Spirit Guides