‍Tarot Spread: Business Planning

~~~ What is my purpose or ‘calling’? How can I bring my ‘calling’ into my business? How can I get the greatest fulfilment from my business?4) How can I offer authentic value to my customers? What products and services could I offer? Where do I need to focus my business in the next 1-2 months?…

When you legit feel the love from your ally crew

~~~  How can I strengthen my intuition? What influences are helpful? What influences are hindrances? What can I learn now? How can I use my intuition? W: Words from your allies. Spread: The Voice of Your Intuition Oracle Deck: Angels and Ancestors @kylegrayuk Oracle Deck: Messages from your Animal Spirit Guides

Winter Solstice Spread

Tarot Spread: Winter Solstice Tarot Deck: Crow Tarot Oracle Deck: Astrological Oracle Cards

Holiday Spread

Tarot Spread: Holiday Spread Tarot Deck: Tarot Wave Oracle Deck: Oracle of Mystical Moments

Tarot Journal: Page/Daughter of Wands

Waite-Smith Deck Interpretation: The page of wands/staves is a young wealthy figure, dressed in finery. The clothes are a new complete luxurious suit with matching accessories (boots, hat, cloak etc) The page holds a fresh leafy wand upright as though using it as a walking stick and to gauge/ measure the direction/distance to go. The…