Tarot Journal: Page/Daughter of Wands

Waite-Smith Deck


The page of wands/staves is a young wealthy figure, dressed in finery. The clothes are a new complete luxurious suit with matching accessories (boots, hat, cloak etc) The page holds a fresh leafy wand upright as though using it as a walking stick and to gauge/ measure the direction/distance to go. The eyes of the page look upward beyond the single staff/wand. The page here is naive and unprepared, wearing inappropriate clothing (heavy and adorned) in a desert. The page looks sorely out of place. Also the page seems to lack clear direction, looking outwardly an up for help. The wand functions here almost like a compass or sun dial. The fire energy here is like the spark of possibility not yet fully realized.

Haindl Deck


The Haindl deck, the wands represent the the East, specifically India and Hinduism. The East, here, is also the dawn, the new day, early light. The beginning, inspiration and the transformative expression of magic. Here the Daughter of Wands brings the spiritual truths of the Wands to the physical, human form. Rahda the Princess of Wands is the incarnation of Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth, Fortune and Prosperity. She is the eternal consort of Vishnu. As Lakshmi, she embodies the spiritual world, primordial force and creative energy of Vishnu. As Radha, she is shown youthful and sensual, playing a rainbow flute. In this form, she is the romantic partner and playful lover of Krishna, with whom she is deeply bonded and with whom she expresses and shares passionate devotion with. She is potent, burning with the fire of love and passion without losing her sense of self in the process.

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