Tarot Journal: Nine of Wands

Waite-Smith Deck


The wands have found their mark, their active energy is spent for now. Eight wands stand towering in the distance like sentinels, calm but always at the ready. The ninth wand serves as the figures cane. This is recovering energy. There is still work to be done but it requires patience. The figure is wounded but active holding the wand/staff as support but also protection. The forest of wands enclose the figure standing on the wall sheltering from the external world. Rest for now your work is done, you are safe.

Haindl Deck


The cards says Power. The nine spears/ wands stand tall in formation. Their active, fire energy charged and at the ready. They are rooted into the base of a tree. The tree fills the card with its presence, ancient sentient nature. There is raw, primal energy here. The hexagram is (師) leading/military. The image is water in the middle of the earth. There is an invisible force deep within the earth just as there is inner power/essence rooted deep in our core. Primal, natural instinct/energy.

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