Tarot Journal: Eight of Wands

Waite-Smith Deck


Eight wands, hurling downward straight at their target. These are linear lines in motion given direction from a vantage point above. The energy is fast and purposeful, directed action/force. All four elements are present and working in accord. There is open unobstructed blue sky (air), the green expanse of the rolling hills (earth), the flowing current of the river (water) and the power of the wands (fire). All the elements are working together to ensure a smooth and successful completion and achievement of the desired outcome. A castle in the distance hints at the needs/demands of the practical/material world or external priorities which often influence how we direct our active energies.

Haindl Deck


The card says swiftness. Eight wands/spears aflame, evenly spaced rising from the womb of the earth and thrusting upward. There is a balance of internal/external energies (yin/yang). The womb is the void, the primordial waters, the formless potential before inception, before the spark of ideas take shape. Then those ideas take forms, push outward, have shape and are driven by active principles. Here is a birth, from the internal to the external world. This a move toward progress, the spears newly emerged will seek their goals. The hexagram is 35 (晉 ) prospering/progress. The image is of the sun rising over the earth. There is a natural arc or progression that occurs when being attuned or in harmony with the elements /principles of the cosmos. Here is the movement of the sun seemingly rising from the cool dark bringing with it warmth and light. This is not frenetic activity but action that is cyclical, that knows and accepts its place in ends/beginnings.

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