Tarot Journal: Seven of Wands

Waite-Smith Deck


The energy here is defensive action. The figure is tense and ready to respond to any attack. The figure has the high ground, a defensible position. The other wands represent a threat, either real or percieved. Is the figure protecting themselves or maintaining their position of dominance? The other six wands are not necessarily aggressive but they are encroaching on the figure. The figure might feel as though they have been backed into a corner. No easy escape but a stubborn will to defend. This is one against many.

Haindl Deck


The card says courage. Seven fiery spears stand at the edge of a cliff(?). Where the land ends and the primordial seas begin. The moon hangs above like a halo in the sky while the sun sets over the sea on the horizon. The wands stand as a barrier, guarding the borders; poised to meet whatever invades from the sea. The will here is to protect. There is a union of forces to create a defensive wall. The earth, in the land and rocks, the air, in the clouds floating above the rock, water in the sea, and the wands with their fire. The Sun and Moon, are yin/yang. There is balance and union; all lending their support and energy to the cause. This is many against whatever may come. The hexagram is (解) taking-apart/deliverance. The word is of a horn cut/ severed from an ox/bull; The commentary image is a thunderstorm clearing the sky. First, there is tension, a conflict brewing. Potent energy, thunder, lightening, wind and the rains. Then their is release, the air is clear.

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