Tarot Journal: Six of Wands

Waite-Smith Deck


This is triumph. The figure seated on the horse is the focal point of the card. The other wands/helpers are present but not all are seen. The figure on the horse is honored/leading a processional. The wand in the figure’s hand is held up higher than the other five. This is the wand that moves the energy of the other five away from conflict and toward a goal/directive. The figure wears a crown of laurels on their head and wand. The victor here is celebrated and holds respect. The wind blows the laurel wreath’s ribbon as if pointing the way forward. The victor is favored by nature/gods/the Divine.

Haindl Deck


The card says victory. There are six fiery spears aligned in a row, all of equal importance and energy. They hover above laurel/ivy leaves touching fertile ground. When all the wands work together with balanced energy the result is victory/growth. The hexagram is 2 (坤) field/receptive. This is receptive devotion, the image of nature/the ground/earth. This is feminine/receptive energy in contrast to the masculine/assertive energy of the wands. Here victory is achieved through cooperation not competition.

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