Tarot Journal: Five of Wands

Waite-Smith Deck


There is a lot of masculine, active energy in the image. Five men standing, each holding wands/rods in entirely different directions. Each dressed differently, standing differently, each behaving differently with their own wands. Each is aggressively asserting their own individual wills. The result is choas, thoughtlessness, a lack of concern for the “other.” When the will of individuals imposes on each other; conflict is inevitable.

Haindl Deck


The card says Conflict. There stands a monolith/ pillar caught in the midst of transforming. It’s substance/form is chaos, shifting states/elements (liquid/gas in the air, carved stone to wood and leaves at the base) textures melting/merging into another (airy and light, hard and smooth, soft and rough). Five fiery spears, lined up in a sharp angular geometry. In a heirarchy, radiating tension and aggression. The hexagram is 49 (革) skinning/molting/revolution. The image is fire on a lake. The tension of two opposing elements, combative opposition. This is the energy of a forceful change.

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