Tarot Journal: Four of Wands

Waite-Smith Deck


The card is about community, society, social practices. The two center figures raising the vegetation/grapes to the sky in acknowledgement of the bounty/abundance. It is a religious festival? An act of thanks and celebration. Still there is a connection with nature as the group steps outside the boundaries/walls/limits of civilization. Divinity is still the essence of the wilds. The fruits of the harvest are shared with the sky. The Four Wands stand like the pillars of society, the castle (a human structure/fortification) framed within their supporting walls. Stability.

Haindl Deck


The card says, “Perfection.” There is a human hand holding out a clear dish in the palm, a closed eye. The eye seems calm, meditating? Looking into the internal world? Looking within. On the dish sits 4 wands, symmetrical and perfectly balanced, even weight. Is this a gift? Two wands point up and two down, as above so below. When we look inside, we get crystal clear insight and find balance.The hexagram is 63 (既 濟). After fording/After completion. The image of water kettle over the fire. This is the precise moment when movement is complete. An act of completion, any movement in either direction will undo it. A precise balance of energetic tension, water brought into relation with fire.

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