Tarot Journal: New Deck

Ethereal Visions Illuminated Deck

“Getting to Know You”: 3-Card Draw

Q1: Who are you?

Ace of Cups: This is the beginning from the void, the creative womb, the primordial waters. It’s the holy Grail that overflows to quench the thirst. The Phoenix of gold rising in the background; born again. And the Lotus floating in the corners speak to compassion and enlightenment.

Q2: How can you help me?

Knight of Cups: This is the knight that seeks the Grail, that quests for enlightenment. The adventurer. This deck is meant for discovery.

Q3: What is your greatest strength?

Ace of Wands: The wand rises in the center between the river and the castle at the bottom, representing the material world/reality and arches at the top like a canopy in the sky. The hand is in the center holding the wand. This is the inspiration/ the will bringing together the parts to manifest a reality.

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