Tarot Journal: Three of Wands

Waite-Smith Deck


This is a return to the wilderness but with a plan. The figure is about planning or strategizing before action. This person is taking it all in before the hands on work begins. This is a more localized sense of surveying. Taking stock of our surroundings. There is a stable energy; the Wands are grounded into the earth. A firm decision has been made. The figures weight is shifting to begin the descent; the motion forward will require exertion but for this moment in the present we are fully committed.

Haindl Deck


The card says Virtue. We are ascending/leaving, climbing out of the ancient ruins. We sense release/freedom in the open sky. We are returning to the world with purpose. There is a sacred balance achieved, a trinity (mind/body/spirit). We leave this space whole and with renewed vigor. The hexagram is 50 (鼎) Holding/The Cauldron. The image is “fire over wood.” The cauldron is a vessel. It holds the offering for the gods/ancestors. This is nourishment for the spirit. The wood feeds the fire to give us light and energy. Sacrifice once fed into the flames to feed the gods. This is an image of sacrifice for sustenance.

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