Tarot Journal: Two of Wands

Waite-Smith Deck


The figure is a person of power, prestige. Someone in a high-standing position with authority and oversight. This kingdom is built and the fixed energy of the wand lends itself support to walls and the defense of the kingdom. The other wand thrust outward, making way for the future. The figure holds the globe/the world and makes plans. The two Wands are balanced; a firm base exists to move forward. The wand stands above the Lily and Rose. The Rose maybe the heart, the will, the blood or sacrice and the Lily the death/resurrection. What is required to move forward -planning and sacrifice? This has a sense of outward expansion.

Haindl Deck


The card says: Dominion. This is a card of inward expansion. We are positioned to move toward the stairway, toward the doorway of an old kingdom. This is an ancient, weathered place. Potentially a sacred place. We want to move deeper within. Do the Wands block our path? Or guard/protect the entryway? The hexagram is 26 (大畜) great accumulating/great taming. “Taming Power of the Great” (Heaven within the Mountain – hidden treasures) “Holding firm” – holding together/holding back/caring and nurturing. This is dominion over self. Holding back power to discover hidden treasures within.

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