Tarot Journal: Ace of Wands

Waite-Smith Deck


“Hand of God” symbol. A very masculine card. Phallic wand -knobby top, leaves are floating upward with the energy radiating from the hand. The hand “appearing” from the cloud (air- ideas)seems like the “Will of God”. Mind manifesting reality. Raw”fiery” energy. Wand’s element is fire. Ace of Wands (all three fire signs combined – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius). The landscape is anywhere, earthly. The land is inhabited (castle and cleared areas of land).

Haindl Deck


Potent raw fire energy. Balanced with creation energy, masculine and feminine principles. The spear/wand blazing/igniting the egg and shell with it’s 🔥. The shell is the yoni, the water of life and the womb. The egg the formless void, unformed shapeless matter. The landscape is anywhere, wild. The edge of the primordial seas where “life” begins.

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